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We make sure that everything is securely destroyed and then all material is recycled. Walk in service is our speciality and you can see your documents destroyed! We are fully insured with the highest level of security. We welcome commercial and residential customers. We make it affordable and convenient  for you and also offer same day or next day pickup.

RecycleiT Outside Scrap Yard Recycling Center


We welcome walk in customers, from families teaching their kids to recycle cans to other household items. To peddlers whom earn money all the time looking for and recycling all kinds of items, to commercial customers electricians, plumbers, A/C guys, screen room subs to handy men. We will pay you the highest prices available and are comparable or equal to Orlando pricing. All of our scales are certified accurate.

RecycleiT Marathon Baler Recycling Center


We provide cardboard, plastic, metal balers for all applications. We will pickup the bales or you can deliver to us. Our balers are completely rebuilt and perform as new. We are responsible for maintenance and repairs. This is a great solution to several voluminous materials such as cardboard, stretch wrap and many others. Avoids the garbage pulls and cuts that cost to zero.

RecycleIT Roll off Dumpster


RecycleiT can provide roll off container service to your plant. Containers can be 20 or 30 yard open tops based on your needs.

RecycleiT Bins Recycling Center


For commercial customers who have medium volume, we can supply bins to your facility. These bins can be moved around your warehouse with a forklift. We can come pick them up or you can stop by with them to be unloaded.

RecycleiT Recycling Balers Balers for sale


A big part of our business is rebuilding vertical and horizontal balers. We buy used machines and repack the cylinder, new hoses, new oil, new motor bearings, new pump seals, new pressure switch, new contactor, new transformer, most limit switches are replaced as are the control buttons. They are pressure washed, oshpo is applied, then paint, bi-lingual safety stickers. We test bale every baler with three bales. These machines are as new. GreenCo Recycling our parent company owns 200 balers in the central Florida market. Ask us about your baling needs.